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How I Finally Got Rid Of My Recurring Yeast Infections and Haven’t Had One Since!

Hi there here again, and I have been bombarded with emails asking me how I finally got rid of my recurring yeast infections. I know how it was to have this terrible problem so if you are looking for the best way to get rid of your chronic yeast infection problem, then I am happy you found my website and I strongly recommend you keep reading. How I Finally Got Rid Of My Recurring Yeast Infections and Haven’t Had One Since! You can do it too.

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I have been plagued with recurring yeast infections for over 10 years. I had my first one when I was 25, and had such intense burning and itching that I had to go to the doctor. So when I went to the doctor she told me I had a yeast infection and gave me some vaginal cream. I took the cream as directed and the symptoms went away – for about 2 weeks. Then I felt the itching and burning again. So I went back to the doctor and they gave me some pills to take. And again, I took them as directed and felt relief for about a month and the infection came back again. By this point I was so sick of going to the doctors and having them tell me what I already knew, I had another yeast infection. The doctor would give me a prescription for vaginal cream or pills that would work for a week or two but then the yeast infection would come right back.

So I got fed up with going to the doctor and started to use the over the counter creams and guess what – It made the problem worst! Not only did it not get rid of the problem it seemed that since I was getting more stressed with the ongoing yeast infections and the burning and itching was getting more intense. So now I am desperate for an answer and I started researching what causes yeast infections and I stumbled upon a yeast infection cure that finally solved my yeast infection troubles. I could not believe how easy and how well it worked. I finally felt a huge weight lift off of me when I had 3 months without a yeast infection. The best thing about this cure was that it is all natural and it tells you exactly what to do and what to eat to finally get rid of the yeast infections for good. Click here to see the yeast infection cure I am talking about. It has now been 2 years and I have not had a yeast infection. There was one thing I did not like about the 12 hour cure which was it took about 24 hours for me to feel relief but after 10 years of pain 24 hours was not such a burden to me.

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Yeast infection during pregnancy: Cause Symptom and treatment

 A yeast infection during pregnancy is a fairly common occurrence. In fact, yeast infections (also known as Candida) happen more during pregnancy than at any other time in a women’s life.

But although they don’t pose any real threat to pregnancies, if you suspect you have a yeast infection during pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

You should do this because, the symptoms are very distressing, and during pregnancy, the conditions in your body are such that they encourage Candida, making it that much more difficult to eliminate.

So what are these conditions that they give rise to a yeast infection during pregnancy ?

Causes of Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

Firstly, you need to understand that a yeast infection needs certain conditions to be met before one can be triggered. In other words, there’s usually one or more underlying condition that has to exist in order for the yeast-like bacteria called Candida Albicans (that exists in our bodies), to ‘overgrow’ into an actual infection.

These conditions can be grouped under the general headings of; friendly bacteria reduction, lowered immune system, high blood sugar, drug therapy, and hormonal imbalance.

During pregnancy, your hormones are out of balance and your vaginal area has more sugar in its secretions than normal due to all the chemical changes taking place. And, as you’ve now seen above, these are just two of the underlying causes of yeast infections. This is why yeast infection during pregnancy is so prevalent, especially in and around the vaginal area.

So what symptoms should you be looking for if you have a yeast infection during pregnancy ?

Symptoms of a Yeast Infection

Typical vaginal yeast infection symptoms are:-

  • itching in the vagina / vulvar area
  • burning sensation
  • soreness
  • pain when urinating
  • pain during intercourse
  • cottage cheese-like whitish discharge

The signs of an infection in the mouth (oral yeast infection – often called thrush) are:-

  • white / yellowish raised spots on the tongue and mucous membranes
  • when scraped off the skin under these spots can bleed
  • burning sensation in the mouth / throat
  • sometimes difficulty in swallowing

You can also get a yeast infection on the skin, especially in those parts of the body that are warm and moist, e.g. in folds of skin, groin, underarms, under breasts, between fingers, under fingernails, etc. Typical symptoms are rashes, irritation, skin softening, lesions, etc.

Treating Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

If this is your first possible case of Candida (yeast infection) then you must attend your doctor for a proper diagnosis. This is important because the symptoms of yeast infections can also be the signs of problems other than Candida.

Once having been diagnosed with the infection, your doctor will prescribe anti-fungal drugs (normally creams or pessaries only for a yeast infection during pregnancy), or may even just advise on which over-the-counter anti-fungal medications to take. These should be perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.

If you have had yeast infections before, and are confident of the symptoms, then you can use over-the-counter creams or pessaries including Clotrimazole or Miconazole, etc. But talk to the pharmacist to ensure that what you take is perfectly safe for your condition. It is believed that a 7 day formula gives best results.

Natural Remedies for Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Even although there are drug-based medications that are safe to use for a yeast infection during pregnancy, there are many expectant mothers who just don’t want to take any chance at all with the health of their unborn baby, and so they seek natural ways to treat their yeast infections.

If you do a search of the Internet, particularly in health forums and Yahoo Answers, you’ll discover that one of the most popular and effective according to users is natural yogurt.

But it must be unsweetened yogurt with no added color or fruit. This kind of yogurt contains active beneficial bacteria which help to supplement our natural body bacteria that may have become be depleted.

Users talk about eating natural yogurt everyday and also applying it directly to the vaginal area. They also describe how they can take care of infection inside the vagina by dipping a tampon in the yogurt and leaving in over night. This to be repeated until the symptoms vanish.

There are a whole host of natural remedies out there, too many to list here, but some important things that you can do during pregnancy are:-

  • Reduce your sugar intake as high blood sugar ‘feeds’ the fungus.
  • Stop using feminine sprays, deodorants, douches, perfumed toilet paper, bubble baths, etc., as these upset your vaginal pH balance, which helps the fungus.
  • Always wipe from front to back after the toilet.
  • Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes, particularly cotton underwear, as the yeast fungus just loves a warm, moist environment.

But not just pregnant women are turning to natural remedies, because more and more sufferers in general are seeking these kinds of solutions to their recurring problem. And this is because mainstream treatments only attack the symptoms, not the root cause(s) of yeast infections. So there is nothing to prevent an infection returning.

However, one ‘complete’ natural method that many people around the world have used is the ‘Yeast Infection No More!’ 5-step holistic system that has had many recorded successes.

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3 Simples step to cure yeast infection yourself at home

 Okay, how to get rid of a yeast infection naturally? Well, there are many tips out there, but how do you separate the worthless ones from those that can actually deliver on their promise?

The first thing to do is to get a better understanding of what a yeast infection is and what causes it. You can then put that knowledge to good use in pinpointing those natural remedies that are effective and safe…

But first we need to ask ourselves, why would anyone want to treat their yeast infection naturally and not use the drug-based medications you can easily get over-the-counter or by a doctor’s prescription?

I mean, if there are drugs out there that can eliminate yeast infection, why not use them?

Okay, I understand that for some people these drugs can have some pretty unfortunate side effects, but for the majority of folks they won’t.

And, I guess, their cost could be a factor for many sufferers, especially in today’s financial climate. But, nevertheless, for most of us if these drugs worked then we would use them wouldn’t we?

And there is the answer; they don’t work, or at least, they don’t ‘cure’ the yeast infection. Let me explain…

Whilst the typical creams, pessaries, etc., can eventually get rid of the yeast infection symptoms over time in most people, the fact is they are anti-fungal drugs which are designed to kill the yeast-like fungus (called Candida albicans) that give you the symptoms known as yeast infection (Candida).

The Candida fungi occur naturally in our bodies, but are usually checked in their growth by our bodies’ friendly bacteria, so that they normally don’t have a chance to ‘overgrow’ into an infection.

However, when the conditions are right, the fungi can overgrow into a yeast infection. So what are these conditions?

The critical underlying conditions that, when present, give rise to a yeast infection are; too high blood sugar levels, compromised immune system, beneficial bacteria depletion, hormonal imbalance and certain drugs.

So when one, or all, of these are present, then the Candida fungi can grow and flourish, causing a yeast infection.

In other words, these are the real culprits, the real root cause(s) of yeast infections. And it’s these that need to be addressed in order to get rid of Candida, not just the symptoms, as mainstream treatment does.

Now that you know what yeast infection is and what the key underlying causes are, you are in a much better position to start to consider what natural remedies there are that can effectively and safely get rid of your infection….

How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection Naturally and Safely

Remembering that you need to get rid of the yeast infection symptoms and address the underlying Candida cause(s) to prevent it returning, you need to use a multi-pronged approach for success…

3 Simple Steps to Getting Rid of a Yeast Infection Naturally

Here are three simple steps to take to help you eliminate your yeast infection naturally…

Step 1. First off, get a proper diagnosis from your doctor…

The typical symptoms can also be signs of other maladies, so it’s very important to get your doctor to confirm that it is indeed a Candida infection.

Step 2. Start to work on the symptoms…


Plain, natural yogurt (no sugar, no fruit, no additives) can be applied topically. This kind of yogurt contains live, active cultures which are good bacteria and so can help fight the fungi.

For vaginal yeast infection, you can coat a tampon and leave in place during the night. Repeat until the symptoms have abated.

And by also consuming this type of yogurt daily you are helping to fight the fungi in your gut, by re-balancing the good bacteria / bad bacteria situation in there.


Garlic is also a big favorite. Make a paste out of a peeled clove of garlic and also apply it topically. It has great anti-fungal properties as well as being able to reduce blood sugar levels.

So as well as addressing the symptoms, it is helping to eliminate the fungi’s favorite food, sugar. And eating plenty of garlic helps inside the gut too.


Another natural anti-fungal agent is cinnamon. It is especially effective taken as a tea or tincture (see your local health food store or pharmacy).

But, not only does it help to attack the fungi, because it has astringent properties as well, it can help to heal any leaky gut you may have as a result of the fungi overgrowth there.

Step 3. Address the underlying issues…


When the flora of the intestines are out of balance, you need to re-balance the situation by repopulating your gut with friendly bacteria.

As described above, eating natural yogurt daily can help to do this, but using probiotics is even more effective.

These are made up of live, friendly bacteria in powder or capsule form. Pop into your local health food store or pharmacy.


The yeast fungi’s food source is sugar, so you need to reduce its levels in your blood stream.

Avoid sugar, in all its forms, in your diet. This is really important. And also avoid refined carbohydrates which reduce to sugars in your digestive system.


If you are on certain drugs, e.g. antibiotics, you should talk to your doctor about alternatives, because these can kill your good bacteria as well as the bad guys.

Talk to him / her about any other drugs you may be taking, as these could be affecting your auto-immune system.

And consider that modern day farming methods mean that much of our meat, poultry and fish have been treated with antibiotics, etc.

Other things that can negatively affect your immune system are things like stress and poor diet. So exercise daily to help reduce stress. Check out stress-reducing exercises and techniques online too.

Talk to your doctor and approved dietitian about your diet and get it back onto a healthy level.


If you are a female, get your doctor to test you for any hormonal imbalance. Then discuss with him / her some of the following natural ways to re-balance your hormones:-

  • eat organic foods
  • reduce meats
  • eat plenty organic vegetables
  • avoid processed foods
  • avoid dairy products from animals that have been fed with antibiotics and growth hormones
  • eat plenty of oily fish (not farmed)
  • stop using feminine hygiene products
  • drink plenty of water
  • avoid caffeine

Getting Rid of Candida Holistically

The above are three essential steps on your way to getting rid of a yeast infection naturally and safely. But, there are many more things to consider, just far too many to discuss here.

In a nutshell, the key is that an effective cure for yeast infection and its future prevention is dependent on your overall health position.

And your health just isn’t based on physical aspects, your overall health is affected by emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects too.

So, for more on how to get rid of a yeast infection naturally, please click here.

Yeast infection no more: The Solution for everyone who suffer from yeast infection

Many people worldwide suffer daily from Candida yeast infections, this type of infection causes itching, burning and rashes which can be debilitating when going about your everyday business and the best option out there seems to be the Yeast Infection No More ebook.

Not only women suffer with yeast infections, men, children and babies can also suffer this excruciating and irritating infection. Although everyone’s symptoms and degree of severity differs, it is still a message from your body telling you something is wrong.

Doctors are very quick to prescribe medication to help you when you are suffering from an unbearable Candida infection, but these medications will only treat the symptoms and are in no way a cure. Side effects can include drowsiness, nausea, headaches and more. What the Yeast Infection No More eBook will do is teach you how to cure your yeast infection holistically and easily.

What will I learn if I buy Yeast Infection No More?

Linda Allen is a medical researcher, nutritionist, health consultant and a former Candida yeast infection sufferer. She wrote Yeast Infection No More after twelve years of extensive research to be able to offer other people a way to cure their infections and live happy and healthy lives. This Yeast Infection No More eBook will help you to:

  • Permanently eliminate Candida yeast infections within two months quickly and naturally
  • Gain relief within twelve hours for external symptoms
  • Cure vaginal, oral and male yeast infections
  • End all digestive disorders, such as IBS and bloating
  • End muscle aches and fatigue
  • Stop mood swings and migraines
  • Reverse skin related Candida yeast infections
  • Stop the burning, itching and discomfort
  • Regain your energy and vitality
  • Improve your overall quality of life

You will be able to achieve all of this without any drugs, creams or lotions. Yeast Infection No More cures all Candida yeast infections fast and effectively.

This holistic system is a unique and powerful method to permanently cure yeast infections, regain your natural inner balance and remove Candida, by following this simple and easy to follow five step method.

How will buying Yeast Infection No More benefit me?

If you are a long term Candida yeast infection sufferer, then you know how this uncomfortable infection can affect your daily life. You become depressed and moody, while the infection makes you itch and burn constantly. You will take medications which will remove the external symptoms, but within a few weeks you are back to being uncomfortable again. This is because Candida is an internal problem which can lie dormant for long periods of time; the external symptoms are only shown when it manifests itself, usually as a result of stress or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Will Yeast Infection No More help?

Yeast Infection No More will help you cure your yeast infection permanently, cure it holistically without drugs, creams or conventional treatments and it will teach you how to do this safely and effectively.

Men and women who have used this system have reported their external symptoms gone within days or hours, they are now free from oral, male and vaginal yeast infection, their thrush or athlete’s foot has completely cleared up and they no longer have migraines, muscle aches or joint pain.

Symptoms vary from person to person and this depends on the severity of infection we have, our immune strength and stress levels. There is so much advice available on how to treat yeast infections; it is difficult to know which is the best solution for you.

Yeast Infection No More is 100% guaranteed if you suffer from:

  • Burning or itching
  • Vaginal discharge or odors
  • Arthritis
  • Painful urinatio
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Digestive problems
  • Acne
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Leaky gut
  • Muscle aches

This system can be customized to your condition and is a lifetime solution to being Candida infection free. It is not demanding or difficult and is continually being updated

What is included in the 250 page Yeast Infection No More eBook?

  • 5 Step success system
  • Truth about conventional treatments
  • Worst foods you should never eat
  • Best anti-yeast foods
  • Easy twelve hour treatment to eliminate external yeast infections
  • Fast remedies to relieve itching, burning and rashes
  • Twelve hour yeast infection relief for men
  • External treatment for mouth and nail yeast infections relief within two days
  • Cheap over the counter medicines to speed up healing process
  • Alkaline Acid balance to battle infection
  • Immune supporters and suppressors
  • 100% hormonal balancing system
  • The cardinal sin
  • Test at home to determine the severity of your yeast infection
  • Four most important nutritional foundations
  • The importance of probiotics
  • Breathing strategies
  • How to prevent reoccurring infection
  • The link between insomnia, stress and your yeast infection

What do I get when I buy Yeast Infection No More?

You receive your 250 page eBook, which is your five step easy to follow plan to combat Candida infections permanently. You will also receive five bonus gifts which include the complete handbook to nature’s cures, how and when to be your own doctor, the healing power of water, a lifetime of free updates and one on one counseling with Lisa Allen for three months. This system will help you live a happy life without the aggravation and discomfort of yeast infections, which can strike at any time without any warning.

You get all this with a sixty day money back guarantee, so if you are really not happy with your purchase and feel that Yeast Infection No More is not helping you eliminate your infection for good, you will receive a 100% refund.

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Clearly, Yeast Infection No More works and I hope all of you sufferers can find some relief soon! My advice is to give Yeast Infection No More a try and see for yourself.

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Can Men REALLY Get Yeast Infection?!

 If you are reading this article then you are probably wondering, “Can Men Get Yeast Infection?!“  Many guys think that only women get yeast infection, but it is important to note that men can get yeast infection too. Yeast infection symptoms in men are quite similar to women and they can be uncomfortable and very painful.

Many men do not visit their doctor because they are embarrassed at the thought of having a doctor examine their penis for yeast infection symptoms. However it is important that you get treatment immediately otherwise the bacteria can spread and it can turn into a serious problem.

Some yeast infections symptoms in men are visible, however some yeast infection symptoms can be quite subtle which can make it difficult for men to actually realize that they have a yeast infection infection.

Yeast Infection In Men Symptoms

When you suffer from yeast infection then many men first report they have a lack of energy and sex drive. This is because all the energies of the body are fighting off the infection which can make you feel sluggish and tired. Research has found that some men will also experience pain in the joints and muscles due to the infection.

Indigestion and constipation are other symptoms of yeast infection in men. Some men feel like they have a “beer gut” and no matter how much exercise they do they cannot get rid of it. Research has found that depression is another symptom of a yeast infection in men, however this is quite rare.

Yeast infection symptoms in men also include a burning sensation when urinating. This is a common symptom and can be very uncomfortable. You may also experience itching and irritation on the penile area which could be due to the sores in this area. However it is important to note that the irritation could persist even if there are no sores.

Another symptom of yeast infection in men are red sores which tend to appear on the head of the penis, although they may also be present on the foreskin. These are usually very painful and you will be unable to touch them or have sex.  The penis itself is also likely to become tender, red and swollen. White flakes on the foreskin and the head of the penis is a common sign of infection.

Yeast infection also has a discharge which is pungent in odor and sticky to touch. The smell of the discharge can be embarrassing and quite unpleasant so it is important that you get treatment immediately.

Yeast Infection in Men Treatments

Although yeast infection symptoms in men can be uncomfortable and embarrassing it is important to point out that they are all easily treatable so make sure that you get treatment if you experience these symptoms.  The good thing {if you can consider it good} about yeast infection in men is that it is really common and poses no real threat.  So don’t worry too much if you’ve developed an intense itching in your nether regions, know the symptoms and you’ll be able to cure it in no time.

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A look at yeast infection in men - causes, symptoms and treatment

The words “yeast infection” usually conjure up images of television commercials featuring products designed for women, so it’s easy to see why yeast infections are generally thought of as an exclusively female problem. The truth is, a yeast infection in men is not uncommon. Since men usually aren’t aware of this fact, they may be completely mystified when symptoms arise, and might not know what to do. They may even feel awkward going to the store and purchasing ointment in little pink boxes designed for women. Luckily, there is a yeast infection treatment designed for both sexes, and it can be ordered online to avoid public embarrassment.  To learn more about this highly effective treatment and get rid of your yeast infection problem for good continue reading below.

What Causes a Yeast Infection?

Yeast infections are caused by Candida yeast, which are always present in even the healthiest of people. Occasionally the yeast will begin to grow out of control if conditions in the body are favorable to them. For example, the immune system usually keeps microorganisms under control, but in people with compromised immune systems yeast can begin to multiply more rapidly than the body can fight it. The most common cause of a yeast infection in men is a compromised immune system. An immune system can be weakened by a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

§  Infection with the HIV virus, or active AIDS

§  Undergoing treatment for cancer

§  Nutritional deficiency

§  Significant stress

§  Imbalance of pH levels

§  Other undiagnosed health issues

Some of these factors, such as cancer treatment or the HIV virus, are unavoidable once they have affected a person. Others can be controlled through various lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet and lowering stress levels. Immune boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables should be consumed in order to meet the body’s need for necessary vitamins. If this is a major concern, a holistic treatment plan may be the best course of action.

There are other conditions which may contribute to a yeast infection in men. For example, antibiotic use is sometimes necessary to fight off bacterial infections, but antibiotics can also kill off the beneficial bacteria that help to keep yeast in check. The end result can be a yeast infection. This is why it is so important to avoid using antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Do not ask your doctor to prescribe these medications for conditions like the common cold, which are caused by a virus and are not helped by antibiotics. Hormones in meat and dairy products can also be the culprit. Adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or at least switching to antibiotic-free meat and dairy products, can be beneficial for those with hormone imbalances or chronic yeast infections.

Diabetics can also be prone to yeast infections, because the excess amounts of sugar in their systems provide the ideal environment for yeast to thrive. The pancreas does not produce enough insulin to help the body metabolize sugars efficiently, and all the extra sugar in the body basically acts as a feeding ground for yeast, helping it to multiply rapidly out of control. Anyone who suffers from recurrent yeast infections and also has other symptoms of diabetes should immediately be tested for this serious disorder.

Can a Yeast Infection Be Sexually Transmitted?

While yeast infections often occur naturally, without one person transmitting it to another, they can also be brought on by sexual contact. Those who suffer yeast infections can indeed pass on the infection to their partners. In fact, some couples suffer recurrent yeast infections because they pass it back and forth between them. Any time symptoms appear, abstaining from sex until infection is either ruled out or completely cured is essential to prevent spreading it to your partner. A recurrent yeast infection in men are often due to an infection which has been passed back and forth between partners.

On the other hand, since yeast infections can certainly occur on their own due to the conditions outlined above, contracting one is no cause to blame your partner or accuse them of cheating. These infections can happen to anyone, and are not due to lack of personal hygiene or sleeping with the wrong person.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Since yeast prefers to live in warm, moist, and dark areas of the body, the groin is a prime location for an overgrowth and subsequent infection. In women this usually results in an infection in the vagina; in men, the yeast may grow under the penis, around the scrotum, or even underneath foreskin at the tip of the penis. Usually the infection will involve the penis, but it may also affect the creases of the legs and behind the scrotum as well.

Since the penis is home to an abundance of nerve endings, which are normally associated with pleasure, intense pain can result from an infection in this area. A yeast infection in men will cause intense itching or burning pain in the penis, and often a foul odor as well. This odor is caused by gasses given off by the yeast as it metabolizes sugar. A yeast infection can often be much more painful than one would have imagined.

How to Treat a Yeast Infection in Men

Treating a yeast infection in men can be tricky business. Although these infections can be a fairly common occurrence they are rarely discussed. Most people regard a yeast infection as an “on the surface” issue that can be treated with lotions and/or pills. The fact of the matter is a yeast infection is usually caused by an internal problem.

Like most long term conditions there is rarely one single cause that causes yeast infection problems. It is usually a combination of issues going on internally and should therefore be treated as such. Using lotions and creams may work temporarily but if you are getting recurrent yeast infections then you may need to consider a more sophisticated approach which aims to treat the root cause of the issue. Treating the root cause is key if you want to get rid of the problem for good.

There is a lot of conflicting information as to how to go about treating yeast infections and it seems wherever you look online the information can be very contradicting. If you want a truly complete system to get rid of your yeast infection for good, we highly recommend you click here to read all about a 100% natural solution.

This is a very reputable program that has helped treat thousands of people all over the world and it is loaded with information on treating the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms which can return if the underlying issues remain unresolved. Click here to learn more about this natural treatment.

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Yeast Infection Home Remedy : A Natural Cure for Yeast Infections

Candida is found naturally in our body. This mean that the common understanding that only women can develop yeast infection is totally wrong. Yeast infection is simply an overgrowth of the candida fungi which is naturally found in our body. Before we can tackle home remedies for yeast infections we must first understand why the yeast is growing out of control and damaging our body.

When we go through an experience that compromise our immune system our body is no longer in perfect harmony. With our immune system down the fungus will be able to over power our system and rapidly grow.

The reason why people experience yeast infection differently is because the overgrowth of candida differ from person to person. So for example, one person might have yeast infection in their toes while another might have it in their mouth or private areas. Both have yeast infection in their system but the symptoms manifest itself differently.
What cause our immune system to weaken?

Our immune system can be compromised various ways. If you suffer from any grave illness such as cancer or diabetes etc. then you're immune system is likely to be compromise which allows the Candida to grow freely. However, there are many toxic chemicals and metals in our environment that enter our body and build up over time.

Therefore our first line of defense against yeast infection is finding ways to fortify and strengthen our immune system. Making wise choices when it comes to diet will play a large impact on whether you're yeast infection will continue to grow rapidly or to normal levels that are benign.
Yeast infection home remedy

Garlic Paste

Garlic paste can be used on affected areas except if it is a case of vaginal yeast infection. I would recommend for you to use fresh garlic paste but if that is not available you can dilute garlic oil with coconut oil and vitamin E oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to fight bacteria and fungus. In this case the anti fungal properties will be very useful in keeping your yeast infection at bay. You can use it topically or use it to cook your meals.


Twice a day take a tampon and dip it in natural yogurt then insert it into your vagina. Continue this method for a couple days after your symptoms are gone. This is to make sure that there are no more yeast in the vagina although symptoms have stop. Note of caution, make sure you consult your doctor before trying this remedy. If you're infection is not a yeast infection but a bacterial infection this method might be counter intuitive.

Although remedies such as the yogurt method will take care of your symptoms and your irritation it is important for you to regulate the Candida in your system so it will not overgrow in the future.

The previous methods are effective remedies for use on your yeast infection. However, if you would like a step-by-step solution on how to improve your immune system so that you will be permanently cured of yeast infection then Linda Allen's book Yeast Infection No More is the book for you. Yeast Infection No More is the definitive guide to naturally curing any stage of Candida overgrowth